Thoughts on my graduation…

Posted: March 23, 2015 in thought to ponder


Moses spent 40 years in Egypt. 40 years in the wilderness. 40 years leading the Israelites. The Hebrews took 40 years in the desert when it could have been a few weeks. My journey took 14 years.

Like Moses, I tried doing things my way. I knew my call but tried to do it my way. Moses knew he was going to rescue the Israelites since He knew he was one of their own (Exodus 2:11) but tried to do it his way, not the way God wanted it to happen. I tried to do it my way in a sense that I avoided Bible school for the longest time. Ended up running away from my call but God using the time to mold me, like He was preparing Moses for the rigors of the wilderness with the Israelites.

The Hebrews complained, and murmured they did. God sent them to the wilderness for 40 years. I complained and murmured about my call, thankfully, I got 14 instead of 40.

While I would never claim that I’d be like Moses, and while I may be at the same shoes as the Israelites, I have seen that the God who works in Exodus, is the same God who works in my life today.

I have seen His faithfulness.

He provided manna and quail to the Israelites. He was the pillar of fire by night, and the pillar of cloud by day. The fire kept them warm at night, and kept the beasts and enemies at bay. The cloud provided shelter and protection from the desert heat. In the same way, God is faithful to me by providing for my needs for five years. I have been privileged to be a scholar for five years. I experienced sleeping in a sound booth, in a floor, in a bed, in a room. Wherever God leads, there I stayed. I know what it is to be hungry, but only when God wants me to fast. Other than that, my manna and quail is consistent day by day, week after week, month after month. God is consistently faithful. Even when I was not. Just like the Israelites.

I have seen how He kept His promise.

He promised the Israelites a land flowing with milk and honey. It came to be. He promised to be with them, and indeed He was. In the same way, I cling on to one of the verses that really speaks to me…

He turns a desert into pools of water,
a parched land into springs of water.
– Psalm 107:35 (ESV)

Who would have thought that I would flourish in the wilderness? Who would have imagined a broken vessel being used for the kingdom? Why would He, the LORD, promise something to someone who doubts? He kept His word. This is the motivation I have to keep mine. For my God is a promise – keeping God.

I have seen His discipline.

When the Hebrews kept on complaining, He disciplined them through various means. When Moses sinned, God dealt with Him. I also know that God won’t allow anything to violate His holiness, hence, when discipline came, though it hurts, I know it is for my own good.

As a father disciplines his son, so has God disciplined me.
– Deut. 8:5 (Gabo’s Translation).

…and all these Things are for His glory.

When God allowed the Israelites to be chased by the Egyptians, it was for His glory (Exodus 14:4). When God allowed the Israelites to go to a refining process in the desert, it was for His glory. Now that I graduated, I know it is for His glory and not for mine.

So with all my heart, I thank God for allowing me to have 14 years of training. I thank Him for the privilege of being able to see Him in the time at the wilderness. Now I stand in the threshold of entering the promised land. There are battles to be fought. There are giants to be slayed. So join me as I enter the land.

All for His glory.

  1. alden says:

    All for His Glory ….

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