In the silence…

Posted: April 21, 2015 in devotionals
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Was watching Madam Secretary on my free time. It’s one of those series I enjoy watching. There was a scene where the husband of the secretary of state was negotiating with a cult leader and he was narrating a part of his life when as an altar boy, a priest once told him…

Henry talking to the cult leader in Madam Secretary, S01E18.

It’s okay, Henry. God goes silent on us all.

This struck me. There are times when we feel God is silent. We ask questions like, “God, where are you?” or “”Is God really with us?” Reading through the Psalms, this is what the writer feels in Psalm 88.

(Read Psalm 88)

Read through the psalms and even in his affliction, the psalmist expresses his hurts to God. He tells how desperate he feels.

The question is this, in our desperate times, who do we talk to?

God hears us, even when we think He is silent. For in the midst of the pain and despair, God is there. Feel free to express your heart to Him for He hears our cries and groaning of our hearts.


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