On Divorce…

Posted: May 2, 2015 in devotionals
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As of this writing, there is no divorce in the Philippines. What we have is either legal separation or an annulment. Legal separation means that the couple is still married but is legally separated, while annulment meant the marriage never took place. Personally, I see both as something that is man-made.

(Read Mark 10:1-12)

Jesus taught about divorce, and so should we. As leaders and pastors, we ought to educate ourselves, as well as our flock on divorce. Reading through Mark 10, here are a few observations.

#1 God made male and female.

It’s not the same-gender who gets married. It’s male and female. That’s the design that God gave.

#2 God is concerned with our relationships.

Since God designed marriage, He is concerned with our love life as well. It’s not something that He created then leave it among ourselves to find our mates.

#3 Man created divorce, not God.

Moses allowed divorce because of the hardness of the hearts. It simply means divorce came up as a result of man’s sinfulness. It is not God’s design. It never will be.

So from the three observations, I would stand on the side of “no to divorce”.


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