What’s wrong with your request?

Posted: May 5, 2015 in devotionals
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I’m having a flashback scene in my mind. Picture this with me. High School. A few years ago (more like fourteen years ago!) It was time to vote for a class president when one of my classmates just stood up and announced his candidacy. He didn’t nominate someone else. He nominated himself. He wanted to be the president of the class.

Guess what? He won. And the class was to blame for an entire year of misery.

(Read Mark 10:35-42 before you continue)

Picture another flashback. Two thousand years ago. Two guys whispering in the ears of their master, saying, “I wanna be your chief of staff“, and the other saying, “I wanna be secretary of state“. The rest of the gang we’re aghast at such request.

So what was wrong with requesting to be seated on the left or on the right?

Bottomline…they didn’t know what they were asking for.

A lot of times, we pray that way. We ask God to give us something (or someone) but really, we don’t really know what we’re praying for. Sometimes we ask the Lord to give us this job, or give us this kind of car, or give us this person, or business, and we can even throw in a bit of religiosity by saying, “This is for You, Lord” or “May this be your will oh God”, but really, a lot of times, we don’t know what we are asking for.

A lot of Christians wants the benefits but not really the responsibilities. A lot of us wants the positions and titles, but not the details that are involved in it.

So check your motives before you ask God for something.


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