Standing firm at 30…ish.

Posted: June 7, 2015 in thought to ponder
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I’m reflecting on the life of Athanasius. What’s so special about him? Well, read on…

Here’s a guy who, in his teenage years (think 13 years old), was baptizing publicly two other youths. Then at twenty three, he was writing against the false doctrines of Arius. Think of it. Arius was someone who claimed that Jesus is inferior to the Father rather than equal. He denied the deity of Christ. Athanasius was writing (their form of social media at their time) to discredit Arius. Although the council of Nicaea denounced the heresy of Arius, the heresy still persevered to a point that there were political backers.

Athanasius eventually became the pastor of Alexandria, Egypt at 30 years old. However, he was banished five different times due to persecution (some of them political in nature) yet he stood firm with his convictions. He boldly opposed the false teachers and confronted the popular opinions of the society in which he lived.

Here’s the point. Athanasius stood firm when he could have just rode the tide. He stood firm when it was costly, yet he chose to stand. There’s a phrase that is accredited to him…

Athanasius contra mundum.

It means, Athanasius against the world. May we come to a point that we would stand for something. That we would make our lives count.

Think about eternity. Think of every decision you do, does it affect eternity?

Stand firm with your convictions. Think about eternity. Do something that counts for eternity.

And oh. I’m not 30. I’m 30ish.


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