Two generations. One church.

Posted: June 15, 2015 in thought to ponder
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One of the challenges we face in a church is that there are two generations currently in church today. The pastors would try to mix the older generation with the young, and in the process, lose effectiveness to both generations. So how do we solve this? (I am not claiming to have an answer but being able to understand both generations will help us.)

The two generations we are talking about will be named as GUTENBERGERS and GOOGLERS. Let me show you some pictures as we try to explain these two generations.

001 - gutenbergers vs googlers

a Gutenberger is born before the digital age, before the technological advancement of cellphones and computers. A Googler is someone born in the digital age, and as a kid, knows how to use a smartphone even before he could read and write (basing this on my experience, my own niece taught me how to use my phone!) A Gutenberger is a term we use for people who were born by the advent of printing press (created by Johann Gutenberg) while a Googler is a term we use for people adept with the Internet (and Google, of course!)

002 - gutenbergers vs googlers

A Gutenberger loves text. He loves to know the meaning of the words, of proper phrasing, the proper use of verbs and nouns, and likes to express himself through sentences as well as understand paragraphs. A Googler loves icons, pictures, and could easily adjust with Iphones and Windows 8. (Hint: Check the phone of a Gutenberger and a Googler, there is a huge difference on how they use it!)

003 - gutenbergers vs googlers

A Gutenberger would express himself by writing, or sending via the post office. He would love to go to a place and send a postcard, even if it means arriving before the post card arrives. A Googler would express himself immediately through the messenger, or skype ,or any other application available. The difference? A Gutenberger would write what he meant and try to explain how he felt. A Googler would express himself with a few letters such as “IMY”, or “WRU?” and understands what “LOL, ROFL, G4U,” and other internet lingo.

004 - gutenbergers vs googlers

A Gutenberger prefers God’s word to be a hard bound copy of the Bible. Googlers would go for Bible apps and it is usually in their phones. A Gutenberger likes reading books that are tangible, and that they can use highlighters, book marks, and other materials.. A Googler prefers E-books or electronic books.

In studying, the Gutenberger prefers the library with a dictionary, a concordance and commentaries. The Googler, on the other hand, prefers the Internet (They usually say: “Thank you Google for helping me finish my work!”)

005 - gutenbergers vs googlers

A Gutenberger prefers to stick to tradition. They prefer the program, and it feels safe with what is familiar. They prefer what is handed down from one generation to another. Googlers, on the other hand, want to try out something new. They would think out of the box and explore their options. They want to know the reason for doing things.

006 - gutenbergers vs googlers

Gutenbergers love the classics. They know the hymns by heart. They would ponder on the lyrics, and meditate on what it meant. Googlers love the music (usually the loud ones). They prefer the rhythm, the flow, the feel even if it is just one or three lines that kept going again and again.

007 - gutenbergers vs googlers

There are a lot more differences between a Gutenberger and a Googler but guess what? We need both in our church. We need the wisdom and the cautiousness of a Gutenberger and we need the risk taking abilities as well as relational skills of a Googler. Both generation needs to be able to come to a point of following the command of Jesus, “to go and make disciples”. Whether we are a Gutenberger or a Googler, we need to come to a point of understanding what we are so we can effectively reach out the lost.

So…are you a Gutenberger or a Googler? If you read through this blog post, you’re probably a Gutenberger. If you just scrolled down and look at the pictures, you’re probably a Googler. 


For more information on Gutenbergers and Googlers, get a copy of Leonard Sweet’s Viral: How Social Networking Is Poised To Ignite Revival.

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