Wrestle with God

Posted: June 19, 2015 in TLCC
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Jacob is an example of the kind of person God uses today. Reading through his life, we can come to an understanding that we can relate with Jacob. We have traits that are similar to his.

Read Genesis 32:22-32

#1 God chooses the sinners to build his Kingdom. (v24)

In the series of Genesis, up to this point, there is really no formula to win God’s favor. Adam and Eve, were the first sinners. Noah was a drunkard. Abraham was a liar. Isaac copied all the mistakes his father made. Jacob?

Let’s see…
(a) Jacob wasn’t his father’s favorite (Gen. 25:28)
(b) He stole the blessings meant for his brother (Gen. 27:18-25)
(c) He manipulates for his own gain (Gen. 30:37-43)
(d) He tricks his father-in-law (Gen. 31:20)

but he knows who his God is (Gen. 28:21…the LORD shall be my God).

Yes, we are sinners. Yes, we make mistakes. But guess what? That should not stop us from seeking God. All the more that we should seek Him. While this is not an excuse for us to keep on sinning, this should be helpful for us whenever we feel unworthy to seek God. He chooses the foolish things to shame the wise (1 Cor. 1:27).

#2 We all would struggle with God. (v25)

Jacob struggled with God. Literally. He didn’t let go even if he was in deep pain. He held on until he was blessed by God. His hip was dislocated but he held on.

In our case, God would shake us, would wrestle with us. Do we hold on or do we quit when things grow tough? Some of us struggle with our time. Others struggle with money. Some of us struggle with God with our relationships. Do we allow God to wrestle with us?

#3 We need a change of identity. (v28)

Jacob had a name change. From being called “a cheat” to “strives with God”.

We are now new creations (2 Cor. 5:17). From our former name, we are now called children of God, we are called Christians. Now we have to live up to that name.

We can’t be with God without a change in our lifestyle. We can’t be “Christians” if we cling on to the world. We need a change of identity.

I love how Jon Bloom ended his post with Jacob’s struggle with God. He said…

Jacob began the night believing his greatest need was to escape from Esau. He ended the night believing his greatest need was to trust in the blessing of God’s promise. And what changed him from fearing man to trusting God’s word was prolonged and painful wrestling with God.

Sometimes, in your battle with unbelief, your greatest Ally will wrestle you — he might even make you limp — until you’re desperate enough to say, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” It is a great mercy to be brought to the point where you’re desperate enough to insist on what you need the most.

What’s your story? Care to share yours? God uses people like us as he did use Jacob. Don’t make excuses for not serving. If you’ve reached this part of this post, may you be able to assess yourself to a point of coming back to God. For really, there is nothing impossible with God. He uses broken people even when the world deemed them unfit for duty.


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