Joseph: Staying faithful even when it seems absurd

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Genesis, TLCC
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How would you feel if…

(a) Your siblings betray you and left you for dead
(b) you’re sold as a slave
(c) you’re falsely accused
(d) you’re falsely imprisoned
(e) your “friend” forgot you for a number of years

Would you still remain faithful to God?

Read: Gen. 30, 37 – 50

We now go to the life of Joseph, the favorite son of Jacob. I think if we were in his shoes, we would have given up easily. Reading through the life of Joseph, his story shows how he remained faithful to God even when the circumstance is absurd or irrational.

Faithfulness is defined by Merriam – Webster as…
– having or showing true and constant support or loyalty
– deserving trust: keeping your promises or doing what you are supposed to do

Here are three reminders of why we need to remain faithful.

#1 We remain faithful because God is in charge.
God wrote the story of Joseph’s life. He already told Abraham (three generations earlier) that the nation of Israel will be sojourners in a land and will be afflicted for four hundred years (Gen. 15:13). The brothers of Joseph did not know that they were being participants in God’s plan.

Joseph was taken by Potiphar. That wasn’t an accident. God allowed Joseph to be taken by Potiphar where Joseph learned a lot about Egyptian culture, and this is a great learning experience for Joseph.

Joseph was thrown in prison because of a false accusation. The wife of Potiphar was being an unknowing participant in God’s plan, and so was landing in jail but gaining favor with the chief jailer, and the timing of the imprisonment of two officials from Pharaoh’s court.

Trust happens when we know a person. In the case of God, we learn to trust Him over time because of knowing who He is. That no matter what happens, He is in control. He is God. He knows what is going on and people are either willing participants or unknowing participants in His plan.

Can you trust God that He has a plan for your life?

#2 We remain faithful because He gave His word.
Joseph remained faithful because he knew what God did to the lives of Abraham, of Isaac and Jacob. Now it was his turn. He remained faithful even if it was taking long (he was 17 years old when he was sold by his brothers and was 30 when he was promoted to prime minister, that’s 13 years of hardship – Gen. 37:2; 41:46)

The Lord was with Joseph (39:2). The Lord caused all that he did to succeed (39:3). The Lord was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love (39:21). Joseph knew God and even if his circumstances were hard, he clinged on to God.

Today, we know God speaks through His word. Get to know God by getting back to His word.

Can you spend time with God everyday?

#3 We remain faithful because it is required of us.
God was seen in Joseph’s life to a point that he would be entrusted by Potiphar, by the chief jailer, and by Pharaoh himself. He wasn’t just all talk. People can see results in his life.

What is required of us is faithfulness. (See: Matthew 25:21) At the end, God would say “well done my good and faithful servant”. That should be our goal. To remain faithful and hear Him say “well done!”

Are we faithful in where God placed us?

No matter how absurd or irrational circumstances may be, God is in control. Stay faithful.


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