The Healer

Posted: July 13, 2015 in TLCC
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One of the topics that is divisive in the Christian circles is healing. There are those who believe that healing ministry has ceased, but there are also those who believe that it still exist. There are those who think that healing is part of signs and wonders. and on the other side, there are those who believe that healing is a gift. As we read through the book of Luke, we will see Jesus healing people. The question is, what does Scripture say when it comes to healing?

The healer

#1 God uses healing as means to focus our eyes on Him. (Read Luke 4:31-37)

Jesus had authority as He spoke. People responded with amazement at what He did. Simply put it, healing was a way of focusing our eyes on Him. The result of healing made people talk about him. The focus is not the miracle or the man who was healed but Jesus. When Jesus spoke, it was with authority. When Jesus uttered words, it was one to bring life and healing.

What do people talk about after they encounter us? Do they see Christ-likeness or do they hear bad reports about us? Do our words carry authority? When we speak, do we bring life and healing? Do we refocus people to God in our conversations?

#2 Jesus has the power to heal, not just the physical sickness but also relational infirmities. (Read Luke 4:38-39)

After healing the demon-possessed man, Jesus goes to Peter’s mother-in-law and healed her as she had high fever. We don’t know the relationship between Peter and his mother-in-law but looking at the internet, most people don’t have good relationships with their in-laws. There are a lot of tips online on how to improve the relationship.

Here’s the thing. Jesus is not just concerned about the physical well-being but as well as the relationship of Peter and his mother-in-law.

So here’s the implication.

Instead of forcing the relationship between in-laws, how about bringing Christ into the picture. Do we even pray for the in-laws? For those who are single, instead of forcing the parents to meet your sweetheart, what about bringing that relationship first to Jesus before making any moves of making both parties meet up? If we force anything, it breaks. Same principle applies to our partners and our parents but with Jesus, nothing is impossible. He can heal even the relational infirmities.

I love the result of the healing. Look at what happened next.

Peter’s mother-in-law served!

Christ is concerned with relationships. We can’t just be good in theory and be not concerned with family relationships. So question, Hows your relationship with your parents? Do they see Christ in you? If you have any relational problems, bring it to Jesus, he can heal it.

#3 God is concerned not only with the Spiritual aspect but as well as the physical as well. (Read Luke 4:40-41)

Jesus’ healed people and met their needs. This shows that Christ was concerned with the physical well – being. It was not just the spiritual matters that count. We can view this in light of social services. We serve the community by meeting their needs with the intention of pointing people to Jesus. We don’t separate “church life” from “community life”. We should reach out not only to the spiritual needs, but we should also focus on the felt needs of the people. It’s not enough to say, “i’ll pray for you” when we see them hungry and naked. It’s not enough to tell about the provider and not provide a meal to the homeless.

So yes. Healing still exist. The point of healing is to focus people to God, and not upon ourselves. God cares for our physical well-being as well. We can pray for the sick. We can pray for healing for those who are in death bed. Ask God for His will to be done and not ours.

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