The best meal ever!

Posted: August 1, 2015 in TLCC
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What was the best meal you ever had? Usually, we think of the place, the company or the food we eat as we think of the best meal. My mother had a different idea. The best meal is something you eat when you are so hungry. Really…What’s your most memorable meal ever?

Two things happen when we have a meal.(a) We enjoy our friends and (b) we welcome people into our community. When we eat meals, we make friends. Looking at Scriptures, we see that Jesus’ first miracle involved something at a wedding feast. One way to examine Scriptures is to look at the meals. Look at the different meals in the Bible.

#1 Forbidden Fruit. (Genesis 3)

God places man in a garden. There’s fruits, there’s herbs, everything you want. Eat everything you want except for the forbidden fruit. So when Eve eats the forbidden fruit, God drives man out of Eden. Does it mean that God is mean?

It’s not just about eating a fruit. It’s choosing who you eat with. Adam and Eve chose to dine with the serpent instead of God. They chose to be friends with the devil than to develop their relationship with God. They chose to rebel openly against God.

Do you want to eat with your enemies? I guess not. God driving Adam and Eve out of Eden is because they openly rebelled against God. God driving them out is because of grace, because they rebelled, they can also eat from the tree of life (which is beside the tree of knowledge of good and evil) which means rebelling forever and ever.

It’s not about eating a meal, it’s about picking a friend. We don’t just eat meals. We worship. Sometimes, Eating is a form of worshiping. We talk about picking a relationship. Eating is a very sacred thing.

So the story of the forbidden fruit is a meal is eaten without God. A friendship is forge in rebellion against God.

#2 Passover. (Exodus 12)

For some, it’s a funeral. For others, it’s a party.

God kills the first born male(s) of Egypt because of Pharaoh’s hard heart. After showing grace after grace, after one event after another, Pharaoh still chose to rebel against God. So God punishes Egypt. But He did so with a provision. The Israelites would be spared if they have a passover lamb, a substitute. Blood for blood.

The passover is a reminder for Israelites how God has saved them from slavery. In the same way, we celebrate spiritual birthdays as a reminder of God, instead of wrath, giving us mercy we don’t deserve.

#3 The Last Supper. (Luke 22)

After years and years of celebrating Passover, Jesus institutes something different. He says “this is my body” “this is my blood”. He is saying do this…IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME.

John the Baptist was telling everyone…”Jesus is the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world!” He is THE PASSOVER LAMB. Hence, the last supper (or communion) is about Christ!

#4 The Wedding Supper of the Lamb. (Revelations 19)

Lastly, we look forward to the wedding feast at the end. That’s the party we want to attend. That’s the party we pray you’re gonna partake with me!

We were descendants of those who ate from the forbidden fruit. We also saw how God made a way in the passover. We realized our need for Jesus in the Last Supper. And now we await for the wedding feast at the end of days!

So…what was the best meal you ever had?


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