Of fishpoles and waterfalls…

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

“What are we going to do in Barili?”

That was an expression that elicited information or a FAQ (frequently asked question) for a week. We gathered the youth volunteers for a timeout as we boarded the church bus. It isn’t easy to get people to wake up early, but in a retreat like ours, it is something to look forward to.

Off we go!  (Photo grabbed from Nicole's Facebook account.)

Off we go!
(Photo grabbed from Nicole’s Facebook account.)

As Kevin De Young stated it…

If you never get away with your key leaders (whether staff, elders, trustees, fellow pastors, small group leaders, whatever), you are missing out on an extremely valuable opportunity to strengthen relational bonds and build up relationship collateral.

A retreat is something we do to be together. Share Life. Laugh out loud. Eat (and I really mean…EAT!!!). Pray. Just be together. Relationships are not built over board room discussions. It is developed through spending time with one another.


Sinugbang Tilapia. After fishing, we eat our catch. 🙂


Ginataang Tilapia. It makes your mouth water. Seriously.

Speaking as a pastor, I think there is the tendency for churches to do things in a business like manner that learning about God becomes a routine. We need to take time to get out as retreats help us build memories. Ministry is hard work, so taking a time out is an investment we should not miss out.

Oh…the falls is calling. Got to go!

Mantayupan Falls.

Mantayupan Falls.

That's me, under the falls!!!

That’s me, under the falls!!!

  1. pruningthetwig says:

    The falls look amazing!!!

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