Posted: November 17, 2015 in TLCC
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As the world is in chaos, we see the hashtags #PrayForTheWorld #PrayForParis and we also see the responses of people as Facebook allowed us to change our profile pictures temporarily with the flag of France as an overlay. How do we pray? We may be at lost for words so we turn to Scripture to teach us on prayer.


Read Luke 11:1-4

When we don’t know how to pray, we turn to Jesus. We don’t turn to prayer books, or religious leaders, but rather we go back to Jesus. Simply saying…”Lord, I don’t really know what to pray so can you help me?” He will help us if we ask for it. Just like the disciples, they asked Jesus. That should be our heart, asking for help, because we can’t and we won’t do it on our own.

Jesus then said…”when you pray“. That is simply saying, we should be praying. It’s not IF you pray but WHEN you pray. Prayer should be something we do. As we know, prayer is communicating from us to God. Prayer is simply talking to God. Make it a habit to continually talk to Him whatever you are doing. Even as I type, I’m praying…”Lord, lead me. Lord, help me as I write.

Jesus teaches us to start praying by having a relationship with God. He calls Him “Father“. That is a privilege we have as well. The Apostle John says…

But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God (John 1:12)

If we have receive Him (Jesus) as our Lord, then we know we are His children. We can call Him “Father”! We can call Him “Dad”, or “Papa”, or “Tatay”.

Jesus teaches us that our Father is Holy. “Hallowed be your name.” There is no sin in God. God is Holy, Righteous, True. He is unchanging. He is perfect. We can turn to Him each day and ask Him to help us in pursuit of holiness. It glorifies Him when we acknowledge His holiness and ask for help. In light of the recent attacks, we can also be assured that He will not allow evil to prosper. Yes, God is holy. No matter what is happening around us, no matter how evil the terrorists are, we can rest in His hands that He will do something about it. His holiness teaches us that God won’t allow sin to rule.

Jesus teaches us that our Father is King. “Your kingdom come.” Our Father is the King of kings. No leader can trump Him. No president is higher than Him. No king is superior to Him. Regime changes, presidents get deposed, kings die, but our Father is sovereign and is unchangeable. We then should live according to our title…children of The King. When people look at our Facebook posts, our tweets, our messages, do we carry with us the message of our King? Do people see us as children of the King? We ought to be conscious in how we act. In His Kingdom, there will be no elections. There will be no mistrials, everyone will get what they deserve. We continue to fight for what is right. We fight injustice. We feed the poor. We love those who hate us. We forgive those who do evil against us. The Kingdom of God is here, and we ought to be the reflection of God’s glory.

Jesus teaches us that our Father is generous. “Give us this day our daily bread.” God is our provider. Do we really believe this? We mistake the channel of blessings for the source. Everything we have comes from God. We know He is going to provide for the refugees. We know He is going to provide for the victims of terrorist attacks. The problem is not with our Father but with us. Are we opening ourselves as channels of blessings or are we hoarding things because we are afraid that we would not have enough? When we know our Father is generous, we also inherit that trait and become generous to others. Consider how to help out those affected by the terrorist attacks.

Jesus teaches us that our Father forgives sin.and forgive us our sins, for we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us.” Forgiveness is a trait that we, as children of God, have. But how do we apply this in our current situation when terrorists are on the loose? I struggle with this. I like what Mark Driscoll said regarding forgiveness…

Forgiveness is not neglecting justice. You can forgive someone and call the police and have them arrested. You can forgive someone and testify against them in court. Romans 13 says to obey the government. They’d say, “I thought you forgave me.” “I do. I forgive you. But you’ve committed a crime. You’ve broken the law. And so these are the consequences.” If you’ve stolen, you need to pay it back. If you’ve lied, you need to go tell the truth. It’s not a neglecting of justice. You can forgive and pursue justice. [Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church, September 26, 2010]

So yes, we can forgive but at the same time, pursue justice to those who inflicted harm on us.

Jesus teaches us that our Father is a good leader.And lead us not into temptation.” God doesn’t bring us to areas were we will be compromised. God speaks through His words [The Bible], guides us and leads us into truth. He doesn’t mislead us at all. In light of what is happening, we can be sure that when we ask God for help in what to do, He will reveal it to us.

Prayer is really all about knowing who we are talking to. So as we pray for the world, may we reflect on who God is. #PrayForTheWorld #PrayForParis #PrayToTheLord


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