If Only…

Posted: November 19, 2015 in devotionals
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There are times when we wish God would have done something in our situation. There are days we wanted divine intervention. We all have those moments where we expressed the desire for God to alter the course of events in our lives. We all have those “If Only“.

Read John 11:17-37

Mary and Martha both said “if you had been here” to Jesus. How Jesus replied to both of them were different.

To Martha, who was vocal, Jesus talked about who He is.

I am the resurrection and the life.

To Mary, who was more of contemplative, more of a listener than a talker, Jesus wept.

There would be times when we need to open our mouths when a person is grieving and we point them towards who God is. Focus on God. Focus on who He is. Focus on His attributes.

When we are battered by sorrow, we have the tendency to complain to the Lord, to ask “God, If you were only here“. We need to focus on who God is. We need to remind ourselves on His character, not on our situation. We know He is unchangeable, while our circumstances vary.

On the other hand, there are times when a person is grieving and the best thing we can do is to weep with them. Be there physically.

Sometimes, we would cry out to the Lord “God, where are you” and His answer would come in the form of friends who would encourage us, comfort us by their presence.

Personally, when troubles come in my life, I would listen to worship songs as I contemplate on His word. As I focus on who God is, I allow songs to minister to me as well.

As for Mary and Martha, they saw their brother come to life. As for me, I have seen that God indeed “loves me” (Luke 11:36) by sending comfort in troubled times.

Let me end with this song. This is indeed one of the versions of the song that spoke to me…

You’re a good, good Father
It’s who you are
and I am loved by You

You’re perfect in all of your ways
You are…


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