Child Dedication

Posted: November 30, 2015 in thought to ponder
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I had a privilege of officiating a wedding in the first month of 2015. Now I am honored to dedicate the baby who was born to the couple. Ministry is indeed, about building relationships as we point people to Christ. The question we ask is this…

Why do we need to dedicate a child to the Lord?

Read Psalm 127:3-5

#1 Children are inheritance from the Lord (Psalm 127:3)

An inheritance is something that is passed on from a benefactor to his heirs. The Lord is giving parents a valuable gift. It is more valuable than a piece of land or a car, God is giving the couple a living being. Just like land that needs to be cared and tended, so is a child that needs to be nurtured. God is the one who opens the womb and closes it so it is but a blessing from Him when one is gifted with a child.

#2 Children are like arrows (Psalm 127:4)

Parents are compared to a warrior, while there are similarities to children and arrows. For an arrow to hit the mark, it has to be pointed correctly, strung with precision and guided to where it would land. Children need to be guided so when they are released, they would be able to reach the intended mark. Parents are to train up their child as the book of Proverbs say. This is why parents ought to be able to discipline their kids when needed, and guide them as well in terms of education, in terms of spiritual growth, in terms of life lessons.

#3 Children are a blessing (Psalm 127:5)

Blessed is the man who has a lot of kids! Children are a blessing, in a sense, if guided correctly. Parents are always honored when their kids excel, not only in schools but in life. Even when they are all grown, children still bring honor to their parents in whatever accomplishment they do. That is why people would associate children to their parents.

With these in mind, it is but fitting that we dedicate children to the Lord.


Prayerfully, I also be the one to do the wedding of Billy when she turns 30 (according to the dad! hahaha!)


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