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Why Cebu doesn’t really have a Chinatown. 🙂



AS the Chinese Lunar New Year waxes more fully, Cebu City begins to sway to the rhythm of the Lion Dance. But a visitor will wonder where its Chinatown is. Searching the surface, he will not find one, frustrating even the most perceptive traveler who sees all signs of Chinese presence yet finds no heart of a Chinatown. Cebu, in truth, has had two Chinatowns. This is history, for the direct trade between southern Chinese ports and the island of Cebu existed since at least a century before the Spanish conquista. It was the increased opportunities in the island’s trade and commerce that brought Chinese settlers to its shores, especially at the onset of the Galleon Trade in which Cebu was involved from 1594 to 1604. The Galleon Trade fully realized the Chinaman’s role as a middleman, a role whose potential for profit proved irresistible. The Parian The early Chinamen…

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