Lies up to season four.

Posted: February 19, 2016 in Films, thought to ponder
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I had a conversation about “crimes” we committed in our entire lifetime. In building relationships, we come to a time where we exposed our vulnerabilities, and that includes being honest about who we were in the past. That way, when we come clean, we don’t have to keep looking behind us because we know that our past has a way of haunting us, if we don’t deal with it.

Take it in the case of Mike Ross.

I have been watching the show, SUITS, since season one (as of this writing, they’re on season four). The series talks about a guy who pretends to be a lawyer and then his lies grow bigger and bigger to a point that a whole firm is in jeopardy because of him (and as long as he doesn’t get caught, the show will continue).

Here are a few things we can learn from suits…

#1 Lies are hard to keep. It involves a good memory. As Quintilian (a Roman Rhetorician) said, “a liar has to have a good memory.” It really involves a solid story all the way. Watching Mike Ross lie to everyone and try to stay sane makes this show really interesting. At one point, Mike Ross gets tired and just wants to quit.



#2 Lies affect everyone around us. Liars can preserve themselves but there is a downside for every lie that is given. In the case of Mike Ross, his lies affect the firm, his love ones, his friends, everyone that he touches. In fact, as a lawyer, if he is caught, all the cases he ever touched would be scrutinized. His lies affect his relationship with Rachel, who wanted a dream wedding but can’t publish it because it would jeopardize Mike. Relationship wise, Harvey can’t have one because of Mike, and so does Jessica. Lies does not just preserve the lying person, it affects everyone around him.



#3 Lies would eventually be caught. This show is in Season four, but we’re finally seeing what it is doing to everyone. A lot has to be sacrificed just to keep things afloat. The Bible tells us that “your sin will find you out” (Num. 32:23). Lying is a sin. While the media may glamorize lying, it will eventually come out.  



So while it is a good series to watch, we can also reflect and think of the times we are going to lie to save our skin. Remember our lives are not in the movies, and we can’t undo damages done when we do. The truth is liberating. Choose truth.

…the truth will set you free. – Luke 8:32


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