The Theology of Dr. Strange

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Films
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It’s not about you.

This isn’t Rick Warren’s quote now. It’s the Ancient One. Marvel hits a lot of theological points that would make atheists think twice. Here are seven points that we can say about the theology of Dr. Strange.


#1 Dr. Strange gives the idea that science does not have all the answers. There are some things that can’t be explain by science.

#2 This movie talks about souls, spirit and after life.

#3 There are consequences when we break the law. Biblical, isn’t it?

#4 It borrows the idea of overcoming death (even if it meant dying over and over again until he came back to life on earth).

#5 The story talks of putting aside self interests, in order for the mission to be accomplished. In the same way Christians are called to take up their cross and die daily.

#6 The protagonist is flawed. Like we all are. He is ego-centric, like most of us are. Yet still becomes a hero in the end. We’re all sinners, yet God uses us to be modern-day heroes.

#7 Surrender is the hero’s path to victory. Die to self, anyone guess what verse?

Just some thoughts running in my head. This movie is something worth watching…even if you’re not a Marvel fan.

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