About the author

I am a pastor’s kid. I grew up in church, know the language, the motions and pretty much the things that are essential. There was one problem though. It was all in my head.

I experienced God in my life through the works of His hands. He spared me from the Ormoc flood, from dying after being run over by a tricycle, and counting the number of accidents I have with my motorcycle. Yet the works of His hands were not enough to keep me from sinning.

I have seen God’s faithfulness as I run away from Him. He allowed me to have a job in spite of being a drop out in college. He made sure I have a roof to live in and food each day. I wasn’t running away for a few days. I left for years. Two years to be exact.

I had my share of trying out what the preacher in Ecclesiastes did. I tried running after money, with the intent of getting rich and retiring young. Yet I never had enough. I tried satisfying myself with women, casually dating and not committing and at the end of the day, I feel empty. I tried the road of numbing myself with alcohol. At the end, I would ask myself, “what’s the point of this?” I tried going to places. The first few trips, it was fun. Then it was getting tiresome.

Then came God.

He is relentless. Despite my unfaithfulness, He showed faithfulness. He reminded me who He is. Through friends at work, I slowly came to my senses. Like the prodigal son, I realized that I need Him, that it was better to be in His presence than to be successful (yet miserable). I realized how sinful I was. How I cannot find peace on my own.

Then I realized that He isn’t just a God who loves relentlessly, but He is also holy. No sin can ever come into His
presence. That my sin cost the life of Jesus. He died to pay for the penalty of my sin…which is death.

Then came the issue of Lordship. It is not enough to go to church, to read my Bible, to pray everyday. He requires ALL or  NOTHING. There really isn’t a room for undercover Christians. It’s either we are for Him or against Him, there’s no room for in between.

Soon, it came to a point that He reminded me of my call, that is, to be a pastor. I tried to bargain with God, He won.
That’s why I am where I am right now.

This blog is about a journey of faith, from how I understand Scriptures, from the experiences I glean on in this life.

Currently, I am a youth pastor in a local church in Cebu. All my experiences in life (being a graphic artist, call center agent, sales, HR, admin assistant, coffee barista, Bible school student) shaped me to where I am right now. It is where God lead me to prepare me for His work.

To sum up, what I do is…

Honor God. Make Disciples.

  1. alfredo says:

    magandang tripping yan…sensya na kung biased ako, #1 fan ako ng author… 🙂

  2. Niza Mee says:

    Trip mo trip ko 🙂

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