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Posted: April 28, 2015 in BBF
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Pakighilambigit. A Cebuano term for fellowship.

Pakighilambigit. A Cebuano term for fellowship.

A good theme for movies today is family or friendship. Take the movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. No matter how diverse and powerful each of the individual is, they would have to work with one another to defeat a common enemy. In fact, it is when they work together when the audience grips their chairs and have the nail biting moments. In fact, in every comic, it shows the story of a hero, who would rise from obscure beginnings and then take on a challenge of saving the world. But it is more exciting when the heroes unite…to save the world.

If there’s one lesson we learn from this, it is…

A Christian can’t stand alone. Christians are called together, to minister to one another and to a fallen world.

We have been ransomed by Christ. The next step is not going out to the world and start battling evil. What should our response be?

(Read Hebrews 10:22-25 before you continue) (more…)

January 24. This is a moment I would forever remember. This was the day I co-officiated the wedding of a close friend and what was in my mind was the question, “why get married?” As a single person, I would be excited for my friends who tie the knot but at the same time, I watch and learn from others. Here are the reasons of why we should get married. This is actually the outline I used for the wedding. 🙂


From L-R: Pastor Lowell Tallo (My mentor), Gloria (the bride), Edward (the groom), and me! 🙂



Not many would be given the same privileges as I have, and I would take this time to say some things I probably should have said out in the open. And what is more open than the internet?


DSC_4062There’s just no words to describe the exhilarating experience I had after the youth camp. Looking at Facebook and seeing pictures about the camp and how the youth describe their experiences on what transpired for three days just make me smile as I could recall stories after stories. For this camp, I was more of an observer, from the sides, recording the stories, the events, and it made me miss the role of being a counselor, of being in the heat of the battle, but at the same time, after watching the grueling activities, I think that God was just so gracious of putting me in less strenuous job (with less physical activity, I have more energy!)

We were able to minister close to 200 youths, plus the 40 facilitators, and raised funds for it. How did we even fit the 200 in a venue that could accommodate 150 heads? God’s grace was just evident from day one. Support came from left and right, God gave us the right people for every job, from the counselors, to the program, to the multimedia team, to the worship team, everything was falling in place because it was His camp, not ours. It was His plan, not ours.

Looking back at the theme of Traffic Jam (That’s the name of the camp), It was His word that comforted us…

I have fought the good fight,
I have finished the race,
I have kept the faith.
2 Tim. 4:7

Indeed, we would be encountering road blocks (or distractions) while we are on our journey (called life) towards home (which is being with God forever). As we travel, may we say the words…

I fought the good fight

We faced the challenges head on. We didn’t back down when the trials started. We just stood our ground and did our job. Think of going into churches, telling them that they need to send their youth. Think of planning about the activities that has a purpose for every move. Think of gathering facilitators with different personalities and make them focus on a single theme. Think of handling the quirkiness, making the youth (whose age varies) do tasks that they normally would not do. It was a good fight. There were times we felt inadequate, and there were days when we think if we are capable of pulling it off but then we did. It wasn’t about us. We were doing the job. What God requires is faithfulness in our assignments. So yes, we fought the good fight.

I have finished the race

We stuck through, with the grace of God. We finished. We didn’t quit. We continued on and on and got the job done. It was tough. There were minor discomforts, the training was hard. The preparation was a struggle. Hey, we finished the race! We didn’t drop out. We did not belong to the DNF (Did not finish) category.

I have kept the faith

This one might be tougher. For when we reach the city, the real world greets us with issues, conflicts, troubles, and yes, persecution. We have to continue to pray for one another, to encourage one another, to keep the faith. It would be hard, but we must remember that He is Immanuel, God with us. He is there to comfort, to guide, to direct our paths. Keep the faith.

For those who supported, prayed, encouraged us, for those who gave their time, the ones who sacrificed comfort to support us financially, we thank you for partnering with us in equipping the next generation.

The question now is…what’s next?

We will continue to run the race set before us. We will continue to disciple the youth. We will go on and do what He has commanded us to do, to go and make disciples. Continue to pray, continue to support the youth, continue to mentor and help us in reaching Cebu for Christ.

Thank you.


Posted: September 22, 2014 in BBF, Theology

Read: Titus 2:11-14

If I would summarize my life for the last thirty years, it is a story of grace. For I know that I am one who does not deserve the mercy and love of God yet I still continue to be of service to him. Exploring grace, we learn of the different kinds or variations of grace such as Sovereign grace, which is the love of God and the undeserved favor given to man. We have the saving grace, that is grace that saves us from going to hell. We also have sustaining grace, that is the grace that empowers us to keep going when we feel like giving up. Last but not the least, we learn of serving grace, the grace that shows gratitude by serving. With the idea of what grace is in our heads, the next question we can ask then is this,

“what does grace do to us?”


Turn up the light

Posted: September 9, 2014 in BBF, Ma-Papel (Paperworks), Theology

Luke 5 tells of Peter, who would fish at night and not catch anything. Ever wonder why fishermen go out at night, or why the prices of seafood fluctuates on a full moon? The story of Peter in Luke 5 gives us some clues.


The fisherman goes out at night, bringing with him light. He would focus the light in a certain spot and the fish would be attracted to the light. Then, he would throw the net and haul the fish.

We, as Christians are called to be fishers of men. We are called to be lightbearers and reflect the light (which is Christ) and people are drawn to us (we have influence over people).
The question then is this, how should we use our light?


Six Evangelism Styles

Posted: September 7, 2014 in BBF, Evangelism

God didn’t make a mistake with us when He gave us different skills and talents. We can use our own personality traits when we are doing evangelism. For others, the concept of evangelism is something they would want to avoid, but for a disciple of Christ, evangelism is necessary.


A Faith that leaps

Posted: September 1, 2014 in BBF
I learned a lot from Pastor Tallo. His heart, his preaching and the small conversations we have make ministry life enjoyable. :)

I learned a lot from Pastor Tallo. His heart, his preaching and the small conversations we have make ministry life enjoyable. 🙂

When tragedy strikes, or calamities fall on us, can we still have faith to trust God that He is going to get us through? Theologically, I would say that we should have faith and just allow God to work in us. Relationally, my relationship with God is the basis for having faith because the more I know Him, the more I learn how to trust Him. But really, the question still challenges us to ask the question, what do we do when the hard times hit the righteous? I have encountered heavy losses throughout the month and the sermon struck me. Here’s the main points and my notes on it.