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Ever noticed in the Bible, there isn’t a “perfect family”? Consider the following in our study in the book of Genesis…

a) Adam & Eve. They disobeyed God, and blamed everything except themselves.
b) Cain & Abel. The elder brother kills his younger brother.
c) Abraham & Sarah. Lies and more lies.
d) Lot and his daughters. Sexual relationship between father and daughter.
e) Isaac & Rebekah. Favoritism.
f) Esau & Jacob. Sibling rivalry.

Study the Bible and you would notice the trend in families. There really is no perfect family. Guess what? You’re not alone. This leads us to our study on Esau and Jacob. The focus we have is on Esau. Being the eldest, he was supposed to have the advantage but let us study his life in light of what the Bible gives us.