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The Theology of Dr. Strange

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Films
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It’s not about you.

This isn’t Rick Warren’s quote now. It’s the Ancient One. Marvel hits a lot of theological points that would make atheists think twice. Here are seven points that we can say about the theology of Dr. Strange.



I had a conversation about “crimes” we committed in our entire lifetime. In building relationships, we come to a time where we exposed our vulnerabilities, and that includes being honest about who we were in the past. That way, when we come clean, we don’t have to keep looking behind us because we know that our past has a way of haunting us, if we don’t deal with it.

Take it in the case of Mike Ross.

I have been watching the show, SUITS, since season one (as of this writing, they’re on season four). The series talks about a guy who pretends to be a lawyer and then his lies grow bigger and bigger to a point that a whole firm is in jeopardy because of him (and as long as he doesn’t get caught, the show will continue).

Here are a few things we can learn from suits…


Being a student of film, I kinda look at what values do I get out of a “secular” film when it comes to showing the youth in our church. A film does not have to be “Christian” in order to have values. Here are five inputs I get from watching “The Intern”. (Spoiler alert. Read at your own risk!) (more…)

Eto ang Panday na Hapon! 🙂

Was watching the film and really, the pastor in me kicked in. (it’s like writing a reaction paper! hahaha!) (more…)

Dead bodies floating everywhere. Debris filled every nook and cranny of the place. Mud seems to envelope the place. Destruction is evident in the venue when the water subsided. I just could imagine the stench. Childhood memories of the flood in Ormoc flashback in my mind. I just could remember the death, the chaos that a flood could bring. This was no flood. This is a tsunami of epic proportions. This is the background of the film, The Impossible.


God’s not dead

Posted: September 6, 2014 in Films


How can you hate someone who is dead? (more…)