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How would you feel if…

(a) Your siblings betray you and left you for dead
(b) you’re sold as a slave
(c) you’re falsely accused
(d) you’re falsely imprisoned
(e) your “friend” forgot you for a number of years

Would you still remain faithful to God? (more…)

When God tests us, it is for our character development. God will not let any difficulty come into our lives beyond what we can handle. (See 1 Cor. 10:13)

I normally study for an exam the day of the exam itself. I am more effective when the pressure is real. Growing older, I realized that I could do better if I could have time to really study the exam. There are exams that come as a surprise, and that what gets into my nerves. I would rely on stuck knowledge (or stock knowledge for the geeks) to get me through. What is surprising is we keep on practicing the disciplines in studying, when exams come, we are ready.

For Abraham to be tested, it was written for us to be able to glean on and learn. Our responses is what is important. Our attitude towards trials or testings is what is seen. This is what we can tell others, of how we went through a situation and how God showed a way out.

The question is, how do we respond to tests? (more…)

The Flood

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Genesis, TLCC
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The Greeks had a story of the flood. So did the Sumerians and the Babylonians. Going through the stories of each nation, there is always the story of the flood. So if there is a myth on the flood, the question we ask is that did a great flood envelop the earth? In fact, science would explain that Ice Age happened and at one point, the ice melted and covered the earth. Which leads us to a discussion about the flood.



Posted: November 15, 2014 in Genesis, Theology, TLCC
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Growing up in Sunday school, one of the verses we get to memorize is Genesis 1:1.

Later on, we tend to just get by with this verse and really not think about it. We know God is the creator, but we are challenged in our campuses regarding the reality of it. We know that God is eternal, but we have the question of “is there really life after death?” We know that God is present but still we could cheat in our exams as if He doesn’t see us do it. The hard part is really when theology meets reality. For theology is all in the head, but it is useless unless we get to practice it. (more…)