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When I was an intern at a local church, I was asked by a five-year-old kid (who happens to be the pastor’s daughter)…

Where is God?

I answered, “God is in our hearts, if He is our Lord and Savior.

If God is so big”, she said in response, “how can He fit in our heart?

I think I had a hard time answering that question. Sometimes, a kid could ask the hardest questions. We will be talking about God’s omnipresence and answer the question “Where is God?” (more…)

When it comes to the deity of Jesus, a lot of our students get the question on how do we prove that Jesus is human and at the same time, how on earth can He be God. So we come to a discussion in our small group on who Christ is.



Explaining the Trinity

Posted: April 27, 2016 in Theology, TLCC
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I mentioned “The Trinity” in one preaching and I couldn’t get over it. I mean, how many chances do we have on speaking about the topic? (more…)

I was listening to a song by Nick Jonas, the line goes…


We can be listening to the song and it speaks volume when it comes to relationships. The lover can be possessive. In this case, we call it as it is…jealous. (more…)


Grateful for the privilege of serving in my alma mater, PCGS. (Photo by: El Cid Sayson)

Ever heard someone say “I love you” but still flirt around others? Ever received promises then only to find out that the person who promised you something didn’t really mean what they said?

Not that thought provoking. We know a lot of stories of heartbreaks and pain. Yet, we are just like that with God.

We claim to be Christians but we don’t really mean what we say. We promise God everything but give Him nothing.

To walk in God’s truth means TO DO what He says.

What is God’s truth? Why do we believe God? (more…)

When we disobey, we sin and we suffer the consequences. In the case of Moses (Numbers 20), the instruction of God to him was pretty simple: take the staff and speak to the rock to yield water. Let’s examine what Moses did and the consequence of his sin.


Change is something that is constant. Innovation is the action or process of innovating (make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products).  Looking at the life of David, we may be able to see practical ways of adapting to change through innovation and leadership. There are three things we should consider when we talk about innovation.

First time to preach to the high school department of PCGS, my alma mater. (Photos courtesy of my teacher: Sir Sayson.)

First time to preach to the high school department of PCGS, my alma mater. (Photos courtesy of my teacher: Sir Sayson.)