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As soon as you’re satisfied with God alone, He’ll bring someone special in your life. (As though God’s blessings are ever earned by our contentment.)

You’re too picky. (As though God is frustrated by our fickle whims and needs broader parameters in which to work.)

As a single, you can commit yourself wholeheartedly to the Lord’s work. (As though God requires emotional martyrs to do his work, of which marriage must be no part.)

Before you can marry someone wonderful, the Lord has to make you someone wonderful. (As though God grants marriage as a second blessing to the satisfactorily sanctified.)



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Why Cebu doesn’t really have a Chinatown. 🙂



AS the Chinese Lunar New Year waxes more fully, Cebu City begins to sway to the rhythm of the Lion Dance. But a visitor will wonder where its Chinatown is. Searching the surface, he will not find one, frustrating even the most perceptive traveler who sees all signs of Chinese presence yet finds no heart of a Chinatown. Cebu, in truth, has had two Chinatowns. This is history, for the direct trade between southern Chinese ports and the island of Cebu existed since at least a century before the Spanish conquista. It was the increased opportunities in the island’s trade and commerce that brought Chinese settlers to its shores, especially at the onset of the Galleon Trade in which Cebu was involved from 1594 to 1604. The Galleon Trade fully realized the Chinaman’s role as a middleman, a role whose potential for profit proved irresistible. The Parian The early Chinamen…

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The Social Significance of AlDub

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Of fishpoles and waterfalls…

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“What are we going to do in Barili?” (more…)


It’s kinda embarrasing to read about pastors resigning because of moral failures. I can’t really speak on what happened to these men but rather be reminded that Satan is really on a double time to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). I wouldn’t deny that I followed these guys online. I think we need hard hitting speakers but yes, we have to watch our life and doctrine closely (1 Tim. 4:16).

Instead of joining the crowd in stoning preachers who fell, I think we, as individuals, should not go on a bashing spree, but rather, this is the time to step up as Christians. We should ask, how should we respond in light of these issues? (more…)

Sinulog 2015

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Reblogging from a fellow sojourner! 🙂

Baptism in a shower room

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I’m tired. Full schedule on a Sunday which meant I was working late last night (a Saturday) and sometimes I feel so drained. Like right now, I feel exhausted.

But what lifts my spirits is seeing a man, advanced in years, wanting to go for a water baptism. Even with his health complications, this did not stop him from getting baptized. (more…)