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When it comes to the deity of Jesus, a lot of our students get the question on how do we prove that Jesus is human and at the same time, how on earth can He be God. So we come to a discussion in our small group on who Christ is.




Cameo Roles.

Posted: June 6, 2016 in TLCC
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If you are a marvel fan, you would be able to see Stan Lee, the writer of the whole Marvel universe, in every Marvel film. Even at 93 years old, you would see him in the movies. Why should he be in the movies? He wrote it so he had the right to be in it!


Stan Lee appears in Captain America: Winter Soldier. He appears in almost all the Marvel films!

Thinking of cameo roles, it doesn’t change the story but we get a glimpse of the one who wrote it. (more…)

The Narrow Door

Posted: January 31, 2016 in TLCC
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In our world today, people are more concerned about being polite, in the idea of tolerance, to a point that we forget that we are called to be salt and light. We are more concerned with keeping the peace, of playing it safe, and we don’t want to risk things anymore because we don’t want to offend. In Luke 13:22-30, someone approached Jesus and asked Him if only a few will be saved. The question is really familiar. Some people are more concerned with the number of people being saved. (more…)

Eyes on Jesus

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Guest Post, TLCC
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“Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.” 1 Corinthians 9:25 NIV


Family Tree

Posted: January 7, 2015 in thought to ponder
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Read: Matthew 1:1-17

I gave the Bible reading plan and then was struck with the first one. Geneology. In our culture (Filipino culture for that matter), It is really hard to know the importance of geneology. Let me elaborate on this. (more…)